Sunday, January 3, 2010


so its 2010. holy cow. i remember how everyone was freaking out about when it was going to be 2000, here we are, a decade later, and the world is still standing. i would like to say my new years went out with a bang, but it didnt. it kinda sucked. all except for having my wonderful boyfriend to kiss at midnight. then we fought after that. haha. so i had an exceptionally wonderful new years. pretty sure i was in bed by 2. but im not gonna let that stop me from making this the best year possible.

i have amazing people in my life. so therefore im going to have an amazing year. i would like to say this is my year, but that would be selfish. it is my best friends year though. i do want good things to happen in my life but this is going to be her year for sure. she deserves nothing but the best and i believe she will have it all this year. jenner baby, i love you!!

on another note. have you ever drank and then just wouldnt shut up. you know you need to shut up but you just keep talking anyways, well that was me last night. jenner, davis, danny, kenny, josh, seth and i all went drunken sledding. well i made margaritas with alot of tequila in it. i didnt really feel the buzz i had going until i opened my mouth and just started pouring my heart out to my boyfriend. he probably thinks im crazy. in my head i kept telling myself "shut up lauren, just go to bed" but i didnt. but i guess it is stuff that needed to be let out eventually, just wasnt really ready for it yet.

but its a new year. time for new things, right? i think im going to be brave and daring and dye my hair dark. im scared but excited. i lovedd my black hair when i had it. i'll post pictures if i actually do it. until then, i wish everyone a very happy new years. i hope 2010 is a great year for you :)