Monday, March 22, 2010

Random Nothing-ness

You know what the best feeling in the world is? Having a best friend, that one person who loves you & never judges you no matter what you matter how badly you fuck up. Someone who you have endless conversations with and can communicate by just using your eyes. That one person who just walks in your house, opens the fridge and grabs whatever they want out. Lastly it’s that person who knows so much about you that they could ruin your life in a second. But you trust them with your life and you know that they will never ever do that no matter what.
She's my one person ;)

At some point, you've got to just jump. You've got to quit being scared of the "maybes" and "what-ifs". Quit cheating yourself out of the best thing that could ever happen to you. Quit cheating him of the same. Fall hard, fall long, and fall forever.

Our fingerprints dont fade from the lives we touch -Remember Me

dont be reckless with other people's hearts;; and dont put up with people who are reckless with yours


So my best friend, Jenner and I, decided to go on a random road trip over spring break. It was probably the time of my life, minus actually driving into the city. The taxi drivers are insane and it was sooo overwelming, and well i pretty much just wanted to cry. But other then that, it was sooo fun and i wanna go back. but instead of me uploading photos, i'll just send you right on over to Jenner's :) <-----click that :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

plans for spring break

since i am not going anywhere for spring break, i have decided i am going to declutter my life. this would be a list of what i plan to get done during the week.
  • clean my room top to bottom
  • get rid of the clothes i no longer wear, im running out of room
  • clean my desk off so i can maybe actually use it
  • clean the hallway out
  • get my nutrition project done, or at least half done
  • start my med term project
  • clean the car, maybe finally give it a wax
  • see about getting rid of the car, i miss my fusion and want it back
  • booze with my best friends
  • visit with the family

thats all i can think of for now, but im sure i'll attempt to do even more. now lets just see if i can get it all accomplished :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

spring break has arrived

So for Spring Break I was supposed to be going to Vegas with the ladies, Jenner and Kelly, well that all fell through because someone has to be buying a house ;) haha. So then I was gonna go on a boozing adventure to Fort Myers, Florida with my father to visit our family down there, but my wonderful mother shot that idea down, damnnn herrr!! So now I'm stuck in the wonderfulness of Ohio for a week of slaving away at the work place and doing homework, while damn near everyone I know will be on vacation somewhere. Boyfriend leaves for Vegas Saturday morning, but he'll only be gone for half the week, thank goodnessss! :)

Las Vegas Skyline :)
Fort Myers, Florida :)

I was walking to class this morning and I realized I have to "move out" of the boyfriends house today or tomorrow. damn near half of my clothes are there, and all the stuff I use on a daily basis is there as well. I cant go 5 days without my stuff. haha. Speaking of boyfriend though, I have bascially been living there the past couple of weeks. But the way I see it is, I have to get my QT time in with him now because next month he will either been out of state for Army stuff or just busy in general with Army stuff so I will hardly see him.

Needless to say, my spring break will be not exciting at all, which blowssss :(

first nice weekend of the year!

So the weather is finally breaking in Ohio. In fact, the past weekend has been beautiful. The high has been 50, but trust me - going from like 10 degrees to 50 degrees, its great! I broke out the sandals and flip flops too finally. Thats a sure sign spring is on the wayyy :)

Saturday night we had a bon fire at the boyfriends house. The beginning of March and were having bon fires already, its a great thing. It was a good night though, my best friends Jenner, Kenny, Danny and Nick all came over, along with a whole bunch of his friends. Its sooo nice that my friends and his friends can all get along. That's a rare thing nowadays. Danny is a trip and he can mingle with anyone. Apparently, after Josh and I went to bed, Danny was getting ready to leave and I dont remember if he was trying to sit in the chair and missed it, or if he just straight fell. But Joey said it looked like it hurt, but he said he was okay. Thats the Danny I know and lovee. haha.

Sunday, after I did my weekly routine of doing boyfriends laundry, we went for a Sunday drive. We ended up driving down to Amish Country. I have never been down there before , nor have I seen a horse and buggy before. I've saw a horse and carriage, in fact I've ridden in one, but not an actual horse and buggy. I didnt think they still existed. But they do and it was soooo cute. I wanna ride in one. lol. We drove all around down there though, just site seeing. Got to see all the cows and horses and what not. It was all good until we were on our way home. Apparently the State Troopers were doing air radar and clocked Josh doing 74 in a 55, but there were no signs posted stating it was only 55 and we were just keeping up with traffic. So as we were coming around the corner, there were 3 State Highway Patrol cars and the Troopers out in the middle of the road flagging us over. We thought it was just a random stop, turned out not to be. Well Josh had his gun on him, and the Trooper had his hand on his gun while walking up to MY window. And mind you, I had to pee soooo bad. Pretty sure if the Trooper would of pulled the gun on us, i would of peed my pants. hahahaha. After waiting for like ten minutes for them to run and check all of Josh's information, he finally comes back, with a ticket in hand. Poor babyyy - he was mad.

So after we were finally able to leave, he goes to a gas station so I can go to the restroom, it was dirty and gross and someone was in it, and I didnt wanna use it anyways so we just left. Ended up getting lost, needless to say we took the scenic route home. And im pretty sure we wont be going on anymore Sunday drives :( Then we came home and we made a bangin asss dinner, then went to bed :) haha

That was my wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

funniest shit ever

the past does not define you, the present does!!
that quote sticks with me so well right now. i just found out today that my ex is having a baby with his 17 year old girlfriend. honestly all i could do was laugh. i have no care or desire to give two shits about him or his life anymore. the only person i feel sorry for is the baby involved here, because chances are he/she wont make it or the baby will be taken into CSB custody. but whateverrr - thats his problem.
i could not be anymore happier that that chapter of my life is over. i look back now and im like what the fuck was i thinking, like honestly. im glad i finally woke up and walked away from that piece of shit. ha, okay im done!! just thought that shit was hilarioussss =)

the week from hell

so seriously these past two weeks have been hell. i've hit that point in the semester where i have no motivation to do anything. my comp 2 teacher is awful and i clearly just want to drop the class, but that is not an option. i have a paper due today, which is not finished. and i work the entire rest of the week. I had a test this morning and a test tomorrow in my other classes. i am so frustrated with life right now. i hate to ask for help, its the one thing i refuse to do, but i feel like i am all out of options....

last night Josh was like, "are you sure your not on your period? you dont ever complain this much." which he's right, i dont. im just not having a good couple of weeks. i havent figured out if its school, life, or both. but whatever it is, it needs to pass. this isnt me and i dont like feeling like this...all i want to do is sleep. idk if its the stress of things, but i just seriously want to sleep. i think my body is telling me im doing too much or something. im constantly tired. like right now i could go to sleep and i slept soo good last night too.

update: enough complaining, let me give an update on life. Josh's roommate Joey is proposing to his girlfriend on friday. the ring is absolutely beautifulll...she's a lucky lucky girl. lets just see if he can hold out until friday. haha. Josh and I are better then ever. I seriously love him beyond words. the next couple months though, i wont get to see him as much though because of ROTC and the Army. but he Commissions and graduates in May and i could not be any more proud of him. i loveee you baby babeee ;)

birthday celebrations

so mine and kennys birthday bash was great. i was actually early for once in my life to kennys house, but only because i didnt make it in time to go to dinner with the boyfriend. he was mad at me all night for that too. so many of my AMAZING friends showed up. lets see..the main ones of course, kenny, myself, jenner, danny, davis, and josh. then we got kyla and her friends. the entire household of joes house came. dominique, jennifer and mar mar stopped by. jeanetta made an appearance. marissa came! my favoritest neighbors/family in the world came, taylor, alvin and king. pretty sure i missed some people but thats the run down. i never made it onto the pong table, not even once. i was too occupied with talking to everyone. lol. go figure - put some wine in me and i just talk and talk and talk. speaking of wine though - i had this amazing wine glass that said "birthday bitch" on it and it held an entire bottle of wine. quite amazing. i almost finished two bottles of wine, before it got taken from me at the end of the night. i bought a case of beer also, that i never even touched, nor picked up. so kenny, you finally got your beer that i owed you. haha. i think i ended up leaving around 130. the booski came and picked me up because no one would let me drive, and all i had to drink was some wine, oh and whatever jennifer poured into my wine glass. haha. here's some photo's from the evening.

I was trying to leave but kept taking pictures. lol
Margo and Me
the vane block crew - i love themm

Husbandy & I - It was OUR birthdays :)