Wednesday, March 10, 2010

spring break has arrived

So for Spring Break I was supposed to be going to Vegas with the ladies, Jenner and Kelly, well that all fell through because someone has to be buying a house ;) haha. So then I was gonna go on a boozing adventure to Fort Myers, Florida with my father to visit our family down there, but my wonderful mother shot that idea down, damnnn herrr!! So now I'm stuck in the wonderfulness of Ohio for a week of slaving away at the work place and doing homework, while damn near everyone I know will be on vacation somewhere. Boyfriend leaves for Vegas Saturday morning, but he'll only be gone for half the week, thank goodnessss! :)

Las Vegas Skyline :)
Fort Myers, Florida :)

I was walking to class this morning and I realized I have to "move out" of the boyfriends house today or tomorrow. damn near half of my clothes are there, and all the stuff I use on a daily basis is there as well. I cant go 5 days without my stuff. haha. Speaking of boyfriend though, I have bascially been living there the past couple of weeks. But the way I see it is, I have to get my QT time in with him now because next month he will either been out of state for Army stuff or just busy in general with Army stuff so I will hardly see him.

Needless to say, my spring break will be not exciting at all, which blowssss :(

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