Wednesday, March 3, 2010

funniest shit ever

the past does not define you, the present does!!
that quote sticks with me so well right now. i just found out today that my ex is having a baby with his 17 year old girlfriend. honestly all i could do was laugh. i have no care or desire to give two shits about him or his life anymore. the only person i feel sorry for is the baby involved here, because chances are he/she wont make it or the baby will be taken into CSB custody. but whateverrr - thats his problem.
i could not be anymore happier that that chapter of my life is over. i look back now and im like what the fuck was i thinking, like honestly. im glad i finally woke up and walked away from that piece of shit. ha, okay im done!! just thought that shit was hilarioussss =)

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