Monday, October 4, 2010

Can't Shake This Feeling

So lately I have been in a mood. I can't really describe this mood, but it was starting to affect my life.
I realized though the root cause of this mood, my boyfriend was coming home, but he would quickly be leaving again. Not as far this time, but still leaving my day to day life again, at least for a couple of months. With that being said, I carried this mood around with me all weekend, I don't know what finally made it click in my head, but it took until Sunday night when he left my house for me to actually realize, I'm a idiot. I have this amazing man who loves me unconditionally, and sure he wouldn't be home for long, because sooner than later he is going to have a new home. But I want to enjoy the time that I do have left with him, and it isn't like I won't be able to see him, and chances are, well hopefully, I will be moving to this new home of his too, which would make it our home :)

I'm not the brightest person sometimes, but I'm glad he understands. I promise from today and on, I will not let him moving upset me. I love this man more than anything! And eventually we will begin our life together!

Oh and PS - Send lots of good luck wishes, he is interviewing for a big kid job!! :) :)