Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's almost time...

So I don't ever work Sundays, I couldn't even tell you the last time I worked on a Sunday. But today I did because I'm taking the 4th of July weekend off because my baby comes home for a 4 day leave on Friday. The only bad thing is, by me working today, it means I am now working 9 straight days. Ughh..not very happy about that, and tomorrow will be day 5 of 9. But the end result on Friday will be well worth me working 9 days straight in the end.

I am beyond excited to see my boyfriend. It's been a month since I've last kissed or hugged him. Let's just say I am going to be a very happy girl this weekend. I just wish it could last longer then 4 days, but I am thankful that I even get these 4 days. So here's to 5 more days!!!

Saturday Night Bonfire

So instead of me typing out exactly what my best friend typed out about our Saturday night, I figured I'd just copy and paste and give her the credit.  Check her out ;)

Saturday night I went with my friends Emil, Nick, Jimmy, Emils' bro Josh, Lauren, Brandon & Brandons' girlfriend to a "bonfire." We were meeting up with Emils' friend Tim. It was out past Brimfield and into Suffield.. way out in the boonies. We turned off of 224 and as soon as we drove up a hill we see the bonfire on the left hand side of the road, prolly like 10ish feet away from the road. It was HUGE! Then we look to our right and see all the trucks & SUVs parked along side of the road in the grass on the dudes' property in front of his barn.

We pulled in, opened the doors to get out of Laurens' SUV and the smell of horse shit over-whelmed us. All we did was laugh. Lauren, Nick & myself started walking to the party and realized just how many people were standing around the bonfire then we looked around the barn and saw even more people just standing around, everyone with beer in their hands. People were playing cornhole. There was a beer pong table set up in the garage that was a 3-car garage with all the doors open with the radio inside playing country music.

This dude not only owned his own house, but owned the garage and I think there was 2 barns on his property.. let alone the property ACROSS the street. I was seriously in awe. We just stood there for 5 minutes to take it all in. I had never been to a real "country" like bonfire. Basically every guy had on them tan timberland type boots. Some guys had belt buckles. I even saw a guy in overalls.

I loved pretty much every minute of it. Emils' brother Josh went around the barn to use the bathroom and walks up to me "There's seriously cows just chillen in the pasture." Haha. I never thought I'd ever hear that sentence. We suddenly got the urge to go cow tippin' but they were inside an electric fence. (Smart move on the owners part. Haha.) In the garage was a nice lookin four-wheeler. Nick was like "And that'd be your four-wheelers daddy" because it's so much more bigger than mine. Haha. The owner of the property was riding around in a golf cart, with a beer in one hand, smokes in the other, and some chicks as passengers. Made me chuckle everytime I saw them.

When we were saying our goodbyes to everyone I saw 2 guys wearing the exact same shirt: the front of the shirt said "Duma Meats" and the back was just advertising Duma Meats. They were SO cute, I'm totally going to Duma Meats ASAP. I know who the Duma's are, they are truly an amazing family.. and they're oldest son is such a stud muffin. It's like everyone knew everyone. I only live not even 5-10 minutes away from Brimfield, Mogadore & Suffield but yet it was a whole-nother world. I SO much rather of grown up in the country than in Akron. I can't wait to move out to Brimfield. I'm seriously SO happy I didn't "settle" for a house that I found in Ellet. I woulda made the biggest mistake of my life. The only bad parts of the night was the Summer heat. I was miserably HOT even at 1am.. seriously 80 degrees at 1:00 in the morning is NOT needed in life. And I lost in every corn hole game I played, NOT cool.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crazy Saturday Night

So this past Saturday I went out with my best friend to the Valley. We ended up meeting up with our friends Brittany and Lauren and also our new friend Amy. Our other friend Emil was supposed to have people over at his house that same night too, well turns out he ended up coming to the Valley with his friend Shane. We had a good night all night, no drama. Just had a nice chill night with my friends. After the bars closed, we ended up going back to Emil's house for a few. Thats when the night got ugly...

I was talking to Jenner and my friend Kayla and all I remember is Shane saying something to me from across the room and then he came over, picked me up over his shoulders, and all I remember is laying on the floor. Apparently he had dropped me, but he didn't just drop me, he dropped me hard into a corner of a wall, made me black out for a few minutes.

I have a battle mark on the back of my neck that I hope doesn't scar. And I have a pinched nerve and my spine is bruised up pretty bad. Lucky lucky me. I didn't go to the hospital until Monday night, and the doctors questioned why I waited so long to come in. Umm hello, because I hate hospitals and had hoped it wouldn't get any worse, but it wasn't lookin good. Now I have these God awful headaches because of that pinched nerve. The worst thing is, I guess their is nothing I can do except ice it and put a heat pad on it every hour.

Boyfriend kept me company while I was in the hospital since he couldn't physically be here :) so that made things a little easier. But I have to be 100% by 10 days because my mannn will be home on leave, so lets hope for the best!!!

Out with the old and in with the new

So I recently got a new phone, as in yesterday. It was time for my one year upgrade and I have been patiently waiting forever it feels like to upgrade. I used to have the Blackberry Tour, it was probably one of the best phones I have ever had. I never had an issue with it and I never had to replace it. Its the same phone that I have had for a year and still works great.
I just got the Motorola Droid. I really wanted the Incredible, but there is not one Verizon store that has it in stock. I don't know when the phone got so popular, but I guess it won't be back in stock until around July 20th, which is crazy. There is a new droid coming out next month sometime too. But it looks just the the Droid I just got, only the screen is bigger, no key board and something about you can hook it up to your high definition television. Why anyone would need to do that is beyond me and plus I am one of those people who have yet to get one of them tv's, lol. So I just got the original Droid.
It's hard getting used to, I dont know what apps I need or anything. Ha, I am usually pretty good with phones, but this one - not so much. The only thing I know how to do good is play my favorite game ever, Jewels, but that is only because boyfriend has had this phone for months and I used to play it on his all the time. I just hope I don't have any issue's with this phone, I hope its a trooper like my blackberry was. So we'll see I guess.

PS. 10 more days and my babe will be home for 4 days :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Horrible everything

So as of today I have been in the worst possible mood. I really just want my babe back and well I can't have that. Yesterday was the first day I had a real conversation with him since this past Sunday. I know it may not sound like that long but for me its foreverrrr. I miss seeing his face, I miss hearing his voice, I miss him making fun of me. Ughhh, like I said, horrible mood. I know he is 684 miles away and has to make a new life while he is out there in Leonard Wood, I just feel like he has forgot about me back at home sometimes. I know its not true, well I hope its not true, but its how I feel sometimes. Or its just me in this shitty mood and I feel like everything is a million times worse than it really is. So I'm going boozing with my best friend/partner in crime tonight. It will either make me feel better or make it even worse, we shall seee!!!

On a better note, boyfriend gets a 4 day pass for the 4th of July in 13 dayyssss :) Thats probably the only highlight of my dayyy. Okay, im done. Just had to vent before I left to go out.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Movie Madness

So I don't have much else to do with my time, so I have been using Redbox quite a bit. Here is a few of the movies I have watched or plan to watch :)

Boyfriend very rarely watched girly movies with me so I guess I'm making up for it now.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Rants

So I got my test back today, can I tell you how upset I was. Stupid stupid math class. I over thought everything. All the stuff that I knew how to do, I didn't get right, but the stuff I wasn't too sure on how to do I got it right. Its so frustrating though because when my teacher reviewed it, I had the right answer, I just did way more work than neccessary, like I said I over thought everything. But when I brought it to my teachers attention, he said because I didn't have the correct answer on the line provided it was wrong. I didn't completely fail it, but I didn't do nearly as good as I know I could have. It's just so frustrating. Hopefully all my other homework and quizzes help my grade, because its not lookin too hot right at this moment.

Anyways, so I have been working out like crazy the past couple of weeks. I'm not straining myself, just going to the gym every other day, some weeks everyday. But I'm not losing weight, I'm toning up and you can definitly tell, but my whole goal was to lose weight damnit. My friend David says its because I'm building muscle mass and it weighs more than actual body fat does. It's just frustrating. All I want in life is to go down a pants size. haha. Oh maybe by the end of summer if I'm lucky.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Those "other" days

So I'm finally getting into a routine of living life without my other half, although all it consists of is school, gym, work and sleep. The only other way I would have it is if my boyfriend was here too. But it still sucks, I've genuinely never missed someone so much. To have someone who loves you unconditionally and for you to love them just as much is the most amazing feeling in the world. He makes me smile even when he is 684 miles away from home. 3 weeks, 3 weeks until I get to hold him and kiss him again, even if it is only for a couple days.

I was told that the first week is the hardest, that once you get past the first week your golden. But I feel like that is a lie. Yeah, I had my moments the first couple days after he left but I was ultimately fine. Today though, horrible mood. I think its stemming from me going out with my friends last night though. I didn't go out with friends I talk to on a regular bases, so they didn't know Josh had left. So of course I get the twenty questions, where's your boyfriend? Oh, what is he doing in Missouri? Oh, that sucks, I'm sorry! I know they mean well, but its so frustrating. And the whole PDA stuff, I just want to smack people. Mainly because I can't kiss my boyfriend a whole bunch of times a day right now, so yes - it makes me a litttle bit jealous. ha, I can at least admit that much. But I'm hoping once I go to sleep and start another fantastic week tomorrow that my mood will be much better. I have to go back to being that strong girlfriend behind her man. Ha, I can't afford to have days like today, because I can handle four months just fine and I don't want my boyfriend to think otherwise. Some days are better than others, today was just one of those "other" days. ily babe!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Week 1, Done With

So we made it through week number 1. Only 16 more to go before he comes home for good. He'll hopefully be home in between all that time or I will for sure be making my way to Missouri whether he wants me to or not. haha. Its been an okay week suprisingly, I kept it together quite well. And I  intend on keeping it like that. I can talk to him and we attempt to see each other on the webcam, its still not the same though. I cant wait to just kiss him and hug him again. Sooonnnn enough!! :)

I have a test this morning, stupid Statistics. What kind of teacher only gives two test the entire session of class. A mid-term and the final. It doesn't help that I'm beyond lost in the class. I can't remember all them formulas and what not. Let's just pray I get at least a C so I don't have to take it over. Well, wish me luck!! lol

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

So the weather in Ohio has been so shitty the past couple of days, nothing but rainnn. I'm sick of it! I'm sick of this place, I'm sick of working and going to school everyday of my life. I'm finally making some decent money again, to the point where I can actually save some, which is a rare thing. But I'm just sick of dealing with stupid ass people who don't know how to read and count. I need a job that actually challenges me I guess. I just want a vacation, just a little 4 day getaway will do. But who knows if that will ever happen. I don't have a legit break from school until August and its only 1 week then fall semester starts. Okay I'm done complaining. lol

On a better note, I got to Skype with Josh last night. It's not the first time we've used to webcam, but it was probably the best time because the internet on post sucks, so the signal is shitty. I mailed him some stuff today. Thank goodness for USPS flat rate boxes or I would have had to pay $10 more than I actually paid because of the weight. Well I'm gonna go lay down, I'm just exhausted all the time now after 5pm...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Reality hasn't set in yet...

So boyfriend's been gone 3 days so far, and I'm pretty sure it has yet to sink in fully that he isn't coming home for a while because I got used to him leaving for a couple days at a time. But I get to talk to him and were working on the whole web cam thing. I'm more than glad I took his pillow, it smells just like him. It helps me sleep at night. All the fun stuff begins for him tomorrow, poor thing has to be up and ready at 0430.

On a better note, we had a cook-out for my dads birthday today. The old man turned 55 on friday. I'm just glad the rain held out because it has been raining non-stop basically since Friday. My middle sister never showed up until the party was over, kind of pointless to even come over - but whatever. It was good just to be around the family and friends.
My best friend Jenner and I finally went and saw Sex and the City 2 tonight. It was long and a little bit drug out, but overall it was good. It was good to get out and do something finally. But tomorrow's monday so that means school and work start all over, so night everyone!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Couple not allowed to adopt...

An Italian couple were ruled unfit to adopt children because they wrote on their application, "prepared to take in up to two children...regardless of sex or religion..but not with dark skin." Thats stupid and rediculous, if your willing to take in children into your home and give them a good life shouldn't you be able to choose the race of your children you are adopting?? Read the article

Having to say good-bye to my Soldier

My best friend left me this morning to head off to Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri for 4 months to do his Basic Officer Leadership Course or BOLC. I just hope the next 4 months fly by and hopefully I can go visit him because its basically like a 8-5 job Monday through Friday give or take a couple hours and weekends, but he's my heart and I already miss him.

He is actually driving from Ohio to St. Louis right now as we speak. He is staying in St. Louis for the night in a $150 hotel room. A little over the top, but thats my man and one of the reasons why I love him. Then tomorrow morning he will be driving from St. Louis to Ft. Leonard Wood. He'll get all checked onto post and what not, have the weekend to get the lay of the land. Figure out what he can do and what he can't do so that I can come down and see him as much as possible!!

The past couple days leading up to today were insanely busy. I had to pack all my stuff and get it out of his house. He had to pack all the stuff he was taking to storage, and then pack all the stuff he was taking to BOLC. He took sooo many civilian clothes, probably half his wardrobe. lol. All his friends laughed at him for taking that many civilian clothes, but he does what he wants.

I managed to sneak in presents in his stuff from me without him noticing and I hid his departure letter under the passenger seat. He calls me and says, "your a little trickster, how'd you sneak this stuff in without me seeing it?" haha. I wasn't gonna tell him about the letter under the seat until he got to St. Louis, but he found it trying to find something on the floor of his car. But I love him so its okay!

I was told I wasn't allowed to cry all day yesterday until this morning because he caught me crying while we were packing. Then he laughed at me all day and kept making jokes about it. But this morning I balled my eyes out, well all day long so far off and on. But he won't ever admit to it, but im pretty sure his eyes started to water, which is why he wouldn't let me have a long "see you soon" departure. He fought me about taking his pillow, but im so glad I did. It's the only thing that really gives me peace cuz it smells like him!