Thursday, June 3, 2010

Having to say good-bye to my Soldier

My best friend left me this morning to head off to Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri for 4 months to do his Basic Officer Leadership Course or BOLC. I just hope the next 4 months fly by and hopefully I can go visit him because its basically like a 8-5 job Monday through Friday give or take a couple hours and weekends, but he's my heart and I already miss him.

He is actually driving from Ohio to St. Louis right now as we speak. He is staying in St. Louis for the night in a $150 hotel room. A little over the top, but thats my man and one of the reasons why I love him. Then tomorrow morning he will be driving from St. Louis to Ft. Leonard Wood. He'll get all checked onto post and what not, have the weekend to get the lay of the land. Figure out what he can do and what he can't do so that I can come down and see him as much as possible!!

The past couple days leading up to today were insanely busy. I had to pack all my stuff and get it out of his house. He had to pack all the stuff he was taking to storage, and then pack all the stuff he was taking to BOLC. He took sooo many civilian clothes, probably half his wardrobe. lol. All his friends laughed at him for taking that many civilian clothes, but he does what he wants.

I managed to sneak in presents in his stuff from me without him noticing and I hid his departure letter under the passenger seat. He calls me and says, "your a little trickster, how'd you sneak this stuff in without me seeing it?" haha. I wasn't gonna tell him about the letter under the seat until he got to St. Louis, but he found it trying to find something on the floor of his car. But I love him so its okay!

I was told I wasn't allowed to cry all day yesterday until this morning because he caught me crying while we were packing. Then he laughed at me all day and kept making jokes about it. But this morning I balled my eyes out, well all day long so far off and on. But he won't ever admit to it, but im pretty sure his eyes started to water, which is why he wouldn't let me have a long "see you soon" departure. He fought me about taking his pillow, but im so glad I did. It's the only thing that really gives me peace cuz it smells like him!

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