Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Rants

So I got my test back today, can I tell you how upset I was. Stupid stupid math class. I over thought everything. All the stuff that I knew how to do, I didn't get right, but the stuff I wasn't too sure on how to do I got it right. Its so frustrating though because when my teacher reviewed it, I had the right answer, I just did way more work than neccessary, like I said I over thought everything. But when I brought it to my teachers attention, he said because I didn't have the correct answer on the line provided it was wrong. I didn't completely fail it, but I didn't do nearly as good as I know I could have. It's just so frustrating. Hopefully all my other homework and quizzes help my grade, because its not lookin too hot right at this moment.

Anyways, so I have been working out like crazy the past couple of weeks. I'm not straining myself, just going to the gym every other day, some weeks everyday. But I'm not losing weight, I'm toning up and you can definitly tell, but my whole goal was to lose weight damnit. My friend David says its because I'm building muscle mass and it weighs more than actual body fat does. It's just frustrating. All I want in life is to go down a pants size. haha. Oh maybe by the end of summer if I'm lucky.


Whitney said...

I feel ya girl on the whole working out thing. I've been eating more healthy (I use to eat like 3000 calories a day. Now I am probably eating 1500-2000 a day). I'm also working out. I want to lose weight, and get tone. I had lost about 5 1/2 lbs this week, but as of now maybe gained 1-2 of that back. Ugh. I'm doing The Biggest Loser: Cardio Max and Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I also bought Jillian Michaels Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism and Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones, but haven't tried those two yet.

Lauren Nicole said...
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