Saturday, June 19, 2010

Horrible everything

So as of today I have been in the worst possible mood. I really just want my babe back and well I can't have that. Yesterday was the first day I had a real conversation with him since this past Sunday. I know it may not sound like that long but for me its foreverrrr. I miss seeing his face, I miss hearing his voice, I miss him making fun of me. Ughhh, like I said, horrible mood. I know he is 684 miles away and has to make a new life while he is out there in Leonard Wood, I just feel like he has forgot about me back at home sometimes. I know its not true, well I hope its not true, but its how I feel sometimes. Or its just me in this shitty mood and I feel like everything is a million times worse than it really is. So I'm going boozing with my best friend/partner in crime tonight. It will either make me feel better or make it even worse, we shall seee!!!

On a better note, boyfriend gets a 4 day pass for the 4th of July in 13 dayyssss :) Thats probably the only highlight of my dayyy. Okay, im done. Just had to vent before I left to go out.

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Whitney said...

Hope you feel better!

I can't wait until the 4th of July either. That's around the same time I get to see my boyfriend.