Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday Night Bonfire

So instead of me typing out exactly what my best friend typed out about our Saturday night, I figured I'd just copy and paste and give her the credit.  Check her out ;)

Saturday night I went with my friends Emil, Nick, Jimmy, Emils' bro Josh, Lauren, Brandon & Brandons' girlfriend to a "bonfire." We were meeting up with Emils' friend Tim. It was out past Brimfield and into Suffield.. way out in the boonies. We turned off of 224 and as soon as we drove up a hill we see the bonfire on the left hand side of the road, prolly like 10ish feet away from the road. It was HUGE! Then we look to our right and see all the trucks & SUVs parked along side of the road in the grass on the dudes' property in front of his barn.

We pulled in, opened the doors to get out of Laurens' SUV and the smell of horse shit over-whelmed us. All we did was laugh. Lauren, Nick & myself started walking to the party and realized just how many people were standing around the bonfire then we looked around the barn and saw even more people just standing around, everyone with beer in their hands. People were playing cornhole. There was a beer pong table set up in the garage that was a 3-car garage with all the doors open with the radio inside playing country music.

This dude not only owned his own house, but owned the garage and I think there was 2 barns on his property.. let alone the property ACROSS the street. I was seriously in awe. We just stood there for 5 minutes to take it all in. I had never been to a real "country" like bonfire. Basically every guy had on them tan timberland type boots. Some guys had belt buckles. I even saw a guy in overalls.

I loved pretty much every minute of it. Emils' brother Josh went around the barn to use the bathroom and walks up to me "There's seriously cows just chillen in the pasture." Haha. I never thought I'd ever hear that sentence. We suddenly got the urge to go cow tippin' but they were inside an electric fence. (Smart move on the owners part. Haha.) In the garage was a nice lookin four-wheeler. Nick was like "And that'd be your four-wheelers daddy" because it's so much more bigger than mine. Haha. The owner of the property was riding around in a golf cart, with a beer in one hand, smokes in the other, and some chicks as passengers. Made me chuckle everytime I saw them.

When we were saying our goodbyes to everyone I saw 2 guys wearing the exact same shirt: the front of the shirt said "Duma Meats" and the back was just advertising Duma Meats. They were SO cute, I'm totally going to Duma Meats ASAP. I know who the Duma's are, they are truly an amazing family.. and they're oldest son is such a stud muffin. It's like everyone knew everyone. I only live not even 5-10 minutes away from Brimfield, Mogadore & Suffield but yet it was a whole-nother world. I SO much rather of grown up in the country than in Akron. I can't wait to move out to Brimfield. I'm seriously SO happy I didn't "settle" for a house that I found in Ellet. I woulda made the biggest mistake of my life. The only bad parts of the night was the Summer heat. I was miserably HOT even at 1am.. seriously 80 degrees at 1:00 in the morning is NOT needed in life. And I lost in every corn hole game I played, NOT cool.

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