Saturday, April 21, 2012

Red Cross Is No Help

Okay, so I never thought I would actually have to ever make a call to the red cross for my husband. Sadly, we had to. His biological father passed away really suddenly. He went in for a chest x-ray for a cough that he had, only to find out he had stage 4 lung cancer. He passed away soon after finding out. Cue in, us making the call to the Red Cross. As of right now, I have nothing good to say about this entire experience of getting him home for emergency leave. In fact, it has been extremely stressful for everyone involved. And because they waited to make the call to my husbands chain of command because they "didn't have sufficient information", we may not make it in time for the wake because we have to travel to Boston.

Cue in my frustrations with the Army. They can't make this any easier by sending him straight to Boston instead of home and then having to get back on another plane almost immediately. All because he has to be flown into his "home of record". Its bad enough he didn't get to say goodbye, now we have to miss part of the funeral because they want to leave it up to the airline company on weather or not they will let him go straight to Boston...

I seriously just want to scream. Although words can't describe how excited I am to see my husband, I just wish it wasn't on such horrible circumstances. I have to look at it as some sort of blessing that we get to see him again. Well I should be packing, so I should probably get back to that. Goodnight ladies...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Help Me Out!

So can you believe my little boy is 2 months old already?!? Yeah me either. Its crazy how fast time is flying by. But that can only mean one thing, another day closer to having my husband home. I CANNOT wait!! 

A little bit into my everyday life, as I am trying to get ready for work (yes, I went back to work) and take care of a waking baby this morning, I get projectile vomited on. It managed to make it all in my hair, on the carpet, on the floor and all over him. Poor baby, hopefully he feels better now. Luckily, I had time to jump in the shower before having to leave to take him to grandma's. Oh, the joys of being a "single" mother as my husband puts it.

On another note, I am starting to get back in the swing of things with my Scentsy business. I took a break for a little while there when Matthew was born. So I am trying to build my clientele back up. I created a Facebook page to share warmers, scents, and most importantly my extra special deals I have when you place an order over a certain amount or host a party. So if you could "like" my page and think about placing an order. Scentsy candles really are so much safer in so many ways than regular candles. And yes, they are a little bit more "pricy" than other candles, but they last SO much longer. It is such a better investment if your a candle person. Even if your not, Scentsy products will easily get you hooked because they smell amazing and you can actually smell your scent you picked, unlike a lot of candles I have purchased in the past ;)