Wednesday, April 28, 2010

what a dayyy!!

so today i woke up in a great mood. i made the mistake of going home after class before i had to go to good ol' daves market. but i mentioned to my mother about maybe her and my dad helping me pay for school for the summer so i can get ahead and be done instead of behind. they say they want me to succeed in life, but yet they do not bother to help me. i dont see how you can not help your child get an education. i could understand if they really didnt have it, but they have the means to help me. i guess you could say they are greedy. but yet they have no problem spending money on other stuff, like a pool, im not complaining one bit about the pool because i will use it mostly, but still its the point. it seriously just makes me sick to think they can be so selfish. so as of right now, idk if im going to school in the summer or fall for that matter because financial aid insist you be 24 to be a dependent if your not married or have kids. well that means i still have to use my parents income, which doesnt help me at all because i get NOTHINGGG from financial aid because of them.

but my day got better luckily. i got a call from my old boss today at work!! he is originally from Africa and is also a minister. He left my work to go work for an organization called World Help ( Basically he is a missionary and travels all over Africa to help families and orphanages. Not only does he do amazing work, but he is one of the few people I actually look up to in this world. He alone is the person who helped me the most through what was the worst moment in my life. Without him, i honestly dont know where I would be at right now. He gave me the courage to do what I needed to do for myself and for that I will be forever grateful for. It has been almost a year since i have last seen him, but he called my job today and said he was going to be in Canfield on Sunday for a program they are putting on. Seriously made my day!! I cant wait to see him, talking to him just gives me a sense of comfort. I guess its his way with words. I would love for anyone to meet him!!

but thats all for now!! its back to the homework i go :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend in recap!!

So my boyfriend ,yet again, had to leave me for the weekend to play army. So I decided to take the time and be with my bestest friend ever because I missed her. Friday I worked until 10pm, like always. But the night was half bad, maybe its because i got a surprise phone call AT WORK from boyfriend. Its the little things that matter the most to me, you know, stuff like that. I swear it made my night. I am really not a hard perosn to please.

Saturday morning I worked for a girl at my job, only 730 to 12 though. Came home and did some serious cleaning in my rooms. LOL, yes i said rooms. They were a disaster zone. Then Jenner calls me up and asks if i wanna go to verizon with her. We ended up being there for hours. bahaha. but she got the droid and im jealous. Come one Juneee!! LOL. While I was getting ready to go out with Jenner, Kelly and Susie, my mom calls and tells me to come downstairs. Mom and Pops got me a set of PINK golfclubs!!! I was so excited. Not that I am the best golfer, but now i can go whenever I want cuz I dont have to use my dad's friends. And now I can spend time with my dad since he has been sick lately. After meeting up with Jenner and having some to-go beers, we met up with Kelly and Susie at this hicktown bar in Springfield. The way people were dressed in this place was from like the 90's or something; skirts, side ponytails, windbreakers. baahahaha. But Kelly was exra feisty because her bf's ex was there, which made things even more interesting. Somehow Kelly and I ended up karaoking Got Money-Lil Wayne, and Susie joined in and Jenner just laughed her ass off at us. It had to be one of the proudest moments with my friends. That song will never be the same anymore. And Kelly was sooo into it, which made it even better. Needless to say, the night was fabulous!!

Sunday, I was up way earlier then I should have been. I have been reading a book called The Last Song, by Nicholas Sparks. I absolutely love his books, I think I have almost every book he has written. I ended up finishing the book though Sunday morning. I have never cried while reading a book until that one. So Jenner and I decided to go do lunch and see the actual movie. We ended up not making it to the lunch part, well because we both suck at getting places on time, lol. But the movie was soo good too, made me cry. haha. After the movie, I seriously didn't come out of my bedroom except to move my car out of the driveway the rest of the day. I ended up taking a nap somewhere in all that time. Which is why I am up wayyy early.

Exactly 40 days today until my love leaves me for Ft. Leonardwood, MO. 40 days is not long enough, 40 days for him to be gone 4 months!! I knew all about this coming into this relationship, but I didnt think in the end I would end up falling in love with him like I have. And now it sucks and I hate it. But I am going to be the best girlfriend everrrr when he is gone :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So its been a while since i have been on here. Just wanted to stop by and say heyyy :)