Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Military Monday

So let me just start by saying heyyy to any new followers or visitors from
Military Monday! A little bit of information about me:

Name is Lauren
I am married to a Soldier
He is my best friend
He is currently in the sand box
Yes, we are going through our 1st deployment
We are expecting a baby boy in January/February
Depending on when baby wants to come
I love making new friends
So leave some comments so I can come follow you back 

In other news, I seriously live for phone calls now. I have my phone 
glued to me at all times. I am really thankful to hear from my husband as 
often as I do. And extra thankful that I got an iPhone recently 
because with my phone and his iPod, we get to FaceTime
quite often and I LOVE every minute of it. I mailed out his 
first goodie boxes today. Only had intentions on making 
one box, but ended up with two full boxes. There are lots 
of goodies and stuff he needs in them though.

In baby news, I am 26 weeks and a day today! I can not
believe how fast time as flown by. My baby shower is this 
coming Sunday already and we could possibly only have
9 more weeks until baby gets here, depending on how
anxious he is at 35 weeks. I'm hoping not much longer
after 35 weeks because I am ready to be done and 
to meet my little man. 

Still Alive, I Promise

I have been in a blogging rut lately. I am just all out of writing
right now. Maybe I will get some inspiration today,
I did mail my husbands first boxes today!