Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

So the weather in Ohio has been so shitty the past couple of days, nothing but rainnn. I'm sick of it! I'm sick of this place, I'm sick of working and going to school everyday of my life. I'm finally making some decent money again, to the point where I can actually save some, which is a rare thing. But I'm just sick of dealing with stupid ass people who don't know how to read and count. I need a job that actually challenges me I guess. I just want a vacation, just a little 4 day getaway will do. But who knows if that will ever happen. I don't have a legit break from school until August and its only 1 week then fall semester starts. Okay I'm done complaining. lol

On a better note, I got to Skype with Josh last night. It's not the first time we've used to webcam, but it was probably the best time because the internet on post sucks, so the signal is shitty. I mailed him some stuff today. Thank goodness for USPS flat rate boxes or I would have had to pay $10 more than I actually paid because of the weight. Well I'm gonna go lay down, I'm just exhausted all the time now after 5pm...

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