Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crazy Saturday Night

So this past Saturday I went out with my best friend to the Valley. We ended up meeting up with our friends Brittany and Lauren and also our new friend Amy. Our other friend Emil was supposed to have people over at his house that same night too, well turns out he ended up coming to the Valley with his friend Shane. We had a good night all night, no drama. Just had a nice chill night with my friends. After the bars closed, we ended up going back to Emil's house for a few. Thats when the night got ugly...

I was talking to Jenner and my friend Kayla and all I remember is Shane saying something to me from across the room and then he came over, picked me up over his shoulders, and all I remember is laying on the floor. Apparently he had dropped me, but he didn't just drop me, he dropped me hard into a corner of a wall, made me black out for a few minutes.

I have a battle mark on the back of my neck that I hope doesn't scar. And I have a pinched nerve and my spine is bruised up pretty bad. Lucky lucky me. I didn't go to the hospital until Monday night, and the doctors questioned why I waited so long to come in. Umm hello, because I hate hospitals and had hoped it wouldn't get any worse, but it wasn't lookin good. Now I have these God awful headaches because of that pinched nerve. The worst thing is, I guess their is nothing I can do except ice it and put a heat pad on it every hour.

Boyfriend kept me company while I was in the hospital since he couldn't physically be here :) so that made things a little easier. But I have to be 100% by 10 days because my mannn will be home on leave, so lets hope for the best!!!

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