Sunday, June 13, 2010

Those "other" days

So I'm finally getting into a routine of living life without my other half, although all it consists of is school, gym, work and sleep. The only other way I would have it is if my boyfriend was here too. But it still sucks, I've genuinely never missed someone so much. To have someone who loves you unconditionally and for you to love them just as much is the most amazing feeling in the world. He makes me smile even when he is 684 miles away from home. 3 weeks, 3 weeks until I get to hold him and kiss him again, even if it is only for a couple days.

I was told that the first week is the hardest, that once you get past the first week your golden. But I feel like that is a lie. Yeah, I had my moments the first couple days after he left but I was ultimately fine. Today though, horrible mood. I think its stemming from me going out with my friends last night though. I didn't go out with friends I talk to on a regular bases, so they didn't know Josh had left. So of course I get the twenty questions, where's your boyfriend? Oh, what is he doing in Missouri? Oh, that sucks, I'm sorry! I know they mean well, but its so frustrating. And the whole PDA stuff, I just want to smack people. Mainly because I can't kiss my boyfriend a whole bunch of times a day right now, so yes - it makes me a litttle bit jealous. ha, I can at least admit that much. But I'm hoping once I go to sleep and start another fantastic week tomorrow that my mood will be much better. I have to go back to being that strong girlfriend behind her man. Ha, I can't afford to have days like today, because I can handle four months just fine and I don't want my boyfriend to think otherwise. Some days are better than others, today was just one of those "other" days. ily babe!

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