Friday, June 11, 2010

Week 1, Done With

So we made it through week number 1. Only 16 more to go before he comes home for good. He'll hopefully be home in between all that time or I will for sure be making my way to Missouri whether he wants me to or not. haha. Its been an okay week suprisingly, I kept it together quite well. And I  intend on keeping it like that. I can talk to him and we attempt to see each other on the webcam, its still not the same though. I cant wait to just kiss him and hug him again. Sooonnnn enough!! :)

I have a test this morning, stupid Statistics. What kind of teacher only gives two test the entire session of class. A mid-term and the final. It doesn't help that I'm beyond lost in the class. I can't remember all them formulas and what not. Let's just pray I get at least a C so I don't have to take it over. Well, wish me luck!! lol


Whitney said...

For my grad school class, we only have 1 test. It's always so stressful because it can be between 40%-60% of the grade. My last test was open book though.

Good luck!

Lauren Nicole said...

Oh mann, that's crazy. I would probably cry if I only had 1 test. I think I did okay, we'll see monday!! But thankss!!! :)