Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the week from hell

so seriously these past two weeks have been hell. i've hit that point in the semester where i have no motivation to do anything. my comp 2 teacher is awful and i clearly just want to drop the class, but that is not an option. i have a paper due today, which is not finished. and i work the entire rest of the week. I had a test this morning and a test tomorrow in my other classes. i am so frustrated with life right now. i hate to ask for help, its the one thing i refuse to do, but i feel like i am all out of options....

last night Josh was like, "are you sure your not on your period? you dont ever complain this much." which he's right, i dont. im just not having a good couple of weeks. i havent figured out if its school, life, or both. but whatever it is, it needs to pass. this isnt me and i dont like feeling like this...all i want to do is sleep. idk if its the stress of things, but i just seriously want to sleep. i think my body is telling me im doing too much or something. im constantly tired. like right now i could go to sleep and i slept soo good last night too.

update: enough complaining, let me give an update on life. Josh's roommate Joey is proposing to his girlfriend on friday. the ring is absolutely beautifulll...she's a lucky lucky girl. lets just see if he can hold out until friday. haha. Josh and I are better then ever. I seriously love him beyond words. the next couple months though, i wont get to see him as much though because of ROTC and the Army. but he Commissions and graduates in May and i could not be any more proud of him. i loveee you baby babeee ;)

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