Wednesday, March 3, 2010

birthday celebrations

so mine and kennys birthday bash was great. i was actually early for once in my life to kennys house, but only because i didnt make it in time to go to dinner with the boyfriend. he was mad at me all night for that too. so many of my AMAZING friends showed up. lets see..the main ones of course, kenny, myself, jenner, danny, davis, and josh. then we got kyla and her friends. the entire household of joes house came. dominique, jennifer and mar mar stopped by. jeanetta made an appearance. marissa came! my favoritest neighbors/family in the world came, taylor, alvin and king. pretty sure i missed some people but thats the run down. i never made it onto the pong table, not even once. i was too occupied with talking to everyone. lol. go figure - put some wine in me and i just talk and talk and talk. speaking of wine though - i had this amazing wine glass that said "birthday bitch" on it and it held an entire bottle of wine. quite amazing. i almost finished two bottles of wine, before it got taken from me at the end of the night. i bought a case of beer also, that i never even touched, nor picked up. so kenny, you finally got your beer that i owed you. haha. i think i ended up leaving around 130. the booski came and picked me up because no one would let me drive, and all i had to drink was some wine, oh and whatever jennifer poured into my wine glass. haha. here's some photo's from the evening.

I was trying to leave but kept taking pictures. lol
Margo and Me
the vane block crew - i love themm

Husbandy & I - It was OUR birthdays :)

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