Wednesday, March 10, 2010

first nice weekend of the year!

So the weather is finally breaking in Ohio. In fact, the past weekend has been beautiful. The high has been 50, but trust me - going from like 10 degrees to 50 degrees, its great! I broke out the sandals and flip flops too finally. Thats a sure sign spring is on the wayyy :)

Saturday night we had a bon fire at the boyfriends house. The beginning of March and were having bon fires already, its a great thing. It was a good night though, my best friends Jenner, Kenny, Danny and Nick all came over, along with a whole bunch of his friends. Its sooo nice that my friends and his friends can all get along. That's a rare thing nowadays. Danny is a trip and he can mingle with anyone. Apparently, after Josh and I went to bed, Danny was getting ready to leave and I dont remember if he was trying to sit in the chair and missed it, or if he just straight fell. But Joey said it looked like it hurt, but he said he was okay. Thats the Danny I know and lovee. haha.

Sunday, after I did my weekly routine of doing boyfriends laundry, we went for a Sunday drive. We ended up driving down to Amish Country. I have never been down there before , nor have I seen a horse and buggy before. I've saw a horse and carriage, in fact I've ridden in one, but not an actual horse and buggy. I didnt think they still existed. But they do and it was soooo cute. I wanna ride in one. lol. We drove all around down there though, just site seeing. Got to see all the cows and horses and what not. It was all good until we were on our way home. Apparently the State Troopers were doing air radar and clocked Josh doing 74 in a 55, but there were no signs posted stating it was only 55 and we were just keeping up with traffic. So as we were coming around the corner, there were 3 State Highway Patrol cars and the Troopers out in the middle of the road flagging us over. We thought it was just a random stop, turned out not to be. Well Josh had his gun on him, and the Trooper had his hand on his gun while walking up to MY window. And mind you, I had to pee soooo bad. Pretty sure if the Trooper would of pulled the gun on us, i would of peed my pants. hahahaha. After waiting for like ten minutes for them to run and check all of Josh's information, he finally comes back, with a ticket in hand. Poor babyyy - he was mad.

So after we were finally able to leave, he goes to a gas station so I can go to the restroom, it was dirty and gross and someone was in it, and I didnt wanna use it anyways so we just left. Ended up getting lost, needless to say we took the scenic route home. And im pretty sure we wont be going on anymore Sunday drives :( Then we came home and we made a bangin asss dinner, then went to bed :) haha

That was my wonderful weekend.


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