Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quick Update

Hubs is home for R&R, thank God!
Still NO baby though!

I have surpassed what my doctors expected me to go to..
good for baby I guess, but we are full-term now.
Bad for hubs because he has already been home 6 days
and still no baby. We are seriously doing everything possible
that we know of to get him out. Any suggestions, send them my
way. We need all the help we can at this point.

There are no words about how awful I will feel if we have no
baby before he goes back. And not to mention, I NEED him 
to be here for labor. I got a nice little dose the other night,
but contractions were not consistent enough and I am stuck
at 4 centimeters so they sent us home. And have had nothing since.
I am going crazy. I am done being pregnant.


MrsMcDancer said...

I hope baby comes soon, so that your husband can be there for the amazing moment. Good luck!!

Rosemary said...

Now that you wrote about it, you will hopefully have the baby soon!! Glad hubs is home. Good luck with everything!! Keep us updated