Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bed Rest Day 3

Its day 3 of bed rest. I am already going crazy. I am not one to just sit around and do absolutely nothing for long. I am a busy body, people tell me that all the time. I have to be doing something, anything at all times. So to just lay here and do NOTHING is killing me. The only things I am allowed to do on my own is a.) go to the restroom and b.) get a snack or a drink. Notice I said snack. My doctor specifically told me I am not allowed to cook for myself or anything because I am only allowed to lift things with a 2lb or less weight. Talk about ridiculous. But I know that it is all worth it in the end. I just have to keep telling myself that before I go crazy.

So, do any of you wonderful ladies have any ideas on what I can do to keep me occupied? That requires me to just lay in my bed? Any options are great at this point, lol.

While surfing my blog followers, I came across a post that Life Is The Messy Bits did about a book called "How to love me". It caught my attention. She actually purchased two of the books and gave one to her hubby to fill out and then they are going to swap books before he deploys. This is such an excellent idea. It gives you the chance to learn things about your spouse that you may have never asked the question before. I am purchasing two copies today for my hubs and me. I think it will be fun to do this, especially with the deployment coming SO soon. Let's just hope the hubs plays along too.

Speaking of the hubs. He is doing good. He plays the Army role really well. He enjoys it. The way he talks about everything he gets to do or had done for the day, the enthusiasm in his voice is great. As much as I would rather have him home and as much as he would like to be home through all of this, he is doing an excellent job and I am so proud of him. I can definitely see him playing the Army role for a long time to come and I am perfectly okay with it. He enjoys it, it makes him happy, so ultimately it makes me happy. He didn't have the passion with his civilian job like he does with playing the Army lifestyle. But only time will tell.

Best news of it all, he gets to have his cell phone still. So that means like 3-4 phone calls a day for me :) :)

I kind of feel bad for him though, because he is away and he knows I am not happy. He knows this bed rest ordeal is driving me crazy and there is nothing he can do to make it better. But the end result is so much greater than not being able to work for a couple of weeks (as of right now), and not being able to do stuff with my friends or family. I actually had to skip out on a "girls night in" last night because I am not supposed to be mobile and active. Talk about a bummer...

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