Thursday, August 18, 2011

Song Link-Up

So things have slowly been getting better, day by day. Thank goodness..I am finally allowed to have
a life again, well sort of. Light activity is what I'm allowed to do...better than nothing though...

And baby is doing good & healthy!! That's the most important thing!

Hubs is doing good, although currently sick. I get to see him soon enough. I'm beyond excited because
this will be the last little bit of time I will get with him before he leaves for good, boo.

The planning and organizing for his party is in full affect. Were having it Labor Day weekend, I just hope
people actually come because we have put a lot of work and effort into it. And like hubs said,
If people can't take away one holiday to come and say "see you later" to my hubs who is going
off to fight a war, then they are not really real friends or family anyways.

That's all for now...
Except for my song link-up

My song this week is Toby Keith's American Soldier.
Cliche, I know. But hubs and I went and saw Eric Church & Toby Keith in concert
a few weeks back. When he performed this song, I cried, because my husband is going off to fight
this war soon enough. He will not be here to see our son or daughter be born or a lot of the first that
come with a baby. And this was the last "outing" we will have until he comes home safe and sound to us!

So enjoy!

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Ashleigh said...

This will always be an amazing song! I hope you start feeling better real soon and the rest of your pregnancy go smoothly! I am your newest follower!