Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Stress

So yesterday was Valentine's Day. I was not a happy person at all. Realistically I have a Valentine everyday of my life, except he was in southern Ohio for work & still is. I was upset and mad that he wasn't here, that he chose to go down this week, when he maybe could of postponed it. I have always celebrated Valentine's Day, ever since I was little, so I partially blame my mom and dad for being so mad yesterday. When I was younger, my dad would cook us breakfast and dinner and we always got candy and flowers. It was nothing big, but I loved it. I'm not upset that I didn't get a present or anything, because let's be honest, it is kind of a made up holiday. All I wanted was to spend the day with him, make some food together and just have us time. Looking back now, I realize I kind of got more upset then I should have. But that is what I do, every time! It's a little ridiculous, I realize that now, even though its too late. By me starting that "fight" though, some bigger issues got brought to light. We have been growing more apart then close lately, which kills me because this is our prime, this is when we should be head over heels happy and were not. But I do believe it can and will be fixed. I absolutely love that man with every bit of love I have to give, he is amazing in every way possible. I think between all the stress of moving away from everyone we know, him starting a new job & working ALL the time & me starting a new school and finding a new job, it has just taken a toll on us, physically and emotionally. But he is my heart, my best friend and the only person I have to rely on for anything anymore. I refuse to let that go, so with that being said I will fight for my man, for the love of my life....

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Anonymous said...

Oh Sweetie! It will get better. I get overly upset for silly things all the time (not that I am saying you are silly). Just know that you are not alone.