Sunday, September 18, 2011

All things baby

We recently found out that we are having a little baby BOY! As
much as I was really hoping for a little girl, I am beyond excited.
I just can't wait for little baby to get here. Today, I am 19 weeks.
 I am almost half way done with being pregnant. I feel like
 I just found out yesterday that I was pregnant
 and here we are, at the almost half way point. It's crazy!

With that being said, we are having a really hard time coming
to a liking of baby names. Hubs is stuck on having a Jr., but
 let me tell you, it just isn't happening. I can only handle one
 hubs everyday, not two. So, here is
 my question, what are your favorite baby
boy names and why?

We are also working on planning my baby shower. I know I'm
not supposed to be planning my own shower, which technically I'm not,
 I'm just making sure things go as I hope for them to. So, I am letting
 myself have a little more input than I probably should, lol. Which
 leads me to my next question, what are your favorite baby
 shower games  to play? And also, what kind of prizes do you like
 to receive, that are inexpensive..Every time I go to showers,
I seem to get pointless game gifts, if that makes any sense.

I leave you with some fun facts about baby this week :)

your baby's the size of a mango!
At about 6.0 inches long and weighing in at about 8.5 ounces, she's getting there!


Erinn said...

When my husband and I get around to having kids, if we have a boy his middle name will be husbands first name. Maybe that would be a good compromise?
and for boys names, my favorites are Christian (I'm not religious, I just love that name!), Morgan, Finn and Jack.

Melissa said...

I was also going to suggest the middle name thing. Eddie & I are not at the point of having kids yet (he wants them, I don't yet lol) so we haven't thought about names but I think that would be a good idea.
And my favorite game was "the poopy diaper game." Just get a bunch of baby diapers and chocolate candy bars (Hershey's, Mounds, Rolos, Reese's, Heath, etc etc etc) and mash them up/melt them into the diapers and number them. Then pass them around and we were allowed to use sight, smell & taste to guess. The person who guessed the most right won. As far as prizes, this shower had a jungle theme so the tables had a bunch of cute stuffed animals (monkeys, turtles, lions, etc) and I know that was one of the prizes.