Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bed Rest to No Bed Rest

Today has been an absolute roller coaster. It all started at 8:15am,
I went for baby boys 20 week check up. Now, let me give you a little
back history first. I see my normal OB and then I also see a high risk
doctor. Well, my high risk doctor has had me off work for about
a month and a half, I just went back to work last Monday, but
on extended circumstances.

So this morning, I start telling my doctor about this pain that I have
down in my girl area's, but only on the left side, weird huh? I 
thought so too. High risk doctor told me my potassium was low,
asked my normal doc this morning, he basically told me High Risk
doctor was a moron, that more than likely when I had the cerclage 
done, he hit a nerve. Awesome right? And there is nothing I can 
do about it until 35 weeks when its time for the cerclage to come

He then proceeds to tell me that I need to be resting and not doing
much, I then proceed to tell him that I am back to work. He basically
goes all crazy again because my other doctor sent me back to work
without consulting with him first. Immediately takes me back out 
of work. And then tells me have a nice day, see you in two weeks.

Sure, I left like okay. But 20 minutes after I got home, panic set in.
Hubs was busy doing training so I couldn't talk to him right away.
Everyone in my family is obviously biased, so that was no help.
I know my body and what I can and can't handle, I only work
four hours a day right now and they give me a chair. I freaked
out because well, yeah hubs is making good money, but I still
need to be making something too.

I eventually got to talk to hubs, he told me to do what I feel is 
right for baby and me, as far as continuing to work. I 
eventually called my doctor back, talked to him some more.
He agreed with certain restrictions, that my job is okay with,
thank goodness, I can continue to work only if I am in my 
chair at almost all times...

So, that was my day.


With that being said, I officially move in 2 days & I will have no
internet or cable until further notice. Unless I can figure out
how to steal the internet from my phone, which I know is possible.
Just have to figure out how.

And, one more thing? Does anyone sell scentsy or any other
work from home type of businesses. I'm trying to come
up with something I can do IF I get taken off work all
together again or just to add some more cash flow, 
since I'm not making quite half of what I normally make.
Let me know :)

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