Monday, September 19, 2011

Not such a Monday Funday

So today, I woke up at 7am. Not sure why exactly and quite frankly
I don't appreciate it. I am tired all the time, so waking up that
early for no real reason is just annoying. I supposed I have a 
million things I could be doing, like packing for 1 or getting 
my baby shower invites started, but I did nothing.

I feel so crappy today. Maybe because it has been raining nonstop
here in good ol' Ohio, or maybe its the fact that I miss my husband.
I feel like I shouldn't be doing things without him. Obviously, I need
to get over that because well, I have a year of him being gone. I 
can't put off doing things until he gets home in about a year from now..

So with that being said, I will go do something productive, like actually
make myself presentable for dinner at my father-in-laws tonight.

1 Monday down....a whole bunch more to go!!

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Semper Wifey said...

Thanks for linking up yesterday! And congratulations on your baby boy!!! :)