Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's been a while...

Hey guys! Sorry I have been MIA for a while. A lot has happened since
the last time I was able to blog. To get you all caught up though, this
is what has been happening.

Mine and hubs first deployment is well under way. He was just 
home this past weekend for his four day pass. It was 
probably the fastest four days of my life thus far. Sadly 
though, I had to share him with A LOT of people.
As unhappy as I was about sharing him, I was just
happy to have him home. Now he is gone, for 
quite some time too. 

As proud of him as I am, it still sucks. I miss him
so much, especially with the baby coming soon
and all of the baby activities taking place soon.
I just want more than anything to have him here, 
but that isn't an option. I need a hobby.
Preferably one that isn't expensive. Or
an easy coping method to deal with everything.

I am now 23 weeks pregnant. I still have 
a ways to go, but time is going FAST!
January will be here before I know it.
We finally picked out a name for baby, after
much debate. And we didn't fully agree until
hubs was seconds away from getting on
the plane to leave us again. Kind of cute,
definitely not something we will forget.
But we plan on keeping the name a 
secret until baby is born since I didn't
want to tell anyone it was a boy from
the beginning but hubs was so excited.

We also got all moved in to our new place.
And we got to set up the baby's bed & dresser
while hubs was home. So that was exciting.

That is all for now. I promise I will be back
to regularly blogging again. I just had to wait
until the internet got hooked up and spent
time with the hubs. Hope everyone
is well. I have some serious catching up to do.
Hopefully if you follow me on twitter,
your not too far behind on me :)

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krista.nicole said...

Glad yor back! And I can't wait to see pictures and the name of your lil baby:) So exciting!