Sunday, October 23, 2011

Family Matters

Saturday afternoon I went and watched hubs little niece cheer 
her last football game. A bunch of the family came out. She 
was so cute. I have photos on my phone, but no clue how
to get them on here (anyone can help). All was good, or
so I thought. I got left alone with his grandmother for 
about 10 minutes, normally it wouldn't be a big deal,
except ever since hubs deployment she has been
a basket case.

I completely understand that the deployment is hard
on EVERYONE. I am in no way putting down how
she is dealing with it, I just don't necessarily agree.
She cries ALL the time, but whatever, if it helps her
so be it. Just don't do it around me is all I ask. She
then proceeds to go on and on about, "Oh, I just
really hope he comes home. I couldn't handle 
losing him." Ummm...hello!!! Your talking to his 
WIFE here, do you really think I want to hear this?
I continue to try to be nice and tell her that she can
not think like that or the next year will be miserable.

I couldn't be nice anymore when she proceeded to
tell me that, although our situation is unique and I am 
his wife and carrying his baby but because I haven't
"known" him for as long as her and the rest of his family
that essentially they should take precedence over me,
because she basically raised him and he is "special" to
her. I get that he is her first grandchild, but she has 5 
other one's to focus on now. They have a hard time
accepting the fact that he is not a baby anymore
and that he has a wife and a baby of his own coming.
I think they fail to realize that I will be the first one to
know almost everything. It's just so frustrating.

They have done a lot for us and the baby already
so I don't want to be a bitch, but seriously, where
does the line get drawn? 

Does anyone else have family in-laws that have been
the same way? How have you dealt with them?


Julie said...

Moms and I guess some grandmothers can just be that way. If generally they are being nice to you, I would just let it ride. Some people cope better with personal pity parties and this way, they can get the attention they want. If they really do something mean or try to be intrusive, then you can address it with your husband's assistance to show you are a team and show how much you mean to him. Just don't hold the "the army will tell me more" thing over them because they already know it and it probably bothers them.

Ashley N. said...

from experience I know this is a HARD pill to swallow. It usually gets better over time. However you might have to sit them down and hae a talk...not a mean talk but let them know you're his wife and you're serious.

Melissa said...

You just have to deal with it and let it roll off your back. If it is becoming a problem, let your husband deal with it - when Eddie & I went through our marriage counseling sessions, the pastor told us to let "blood deal with blood" if there are familial conflicts - meaning me to handle problems with my side of the family and him to handle problems with his side of the family should they arise. It makes for a smoother ending. There have been times where Eddie's mom has driven me up the wall lol so I just talk to Eddie about it and he handles it. No problem.

As for getting pictures from your phone to Blogger, do you have the Blogger app? On my phone I go to my pictures -> "share" -> select Blogger and that is how they upload...otherwise I just e-mail pictures to myself and then upload them to Blogger that way. Hope that helps!