Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Last night I kept having these awful dreams about hubs.
Not anything to have to do with his deployment, but he 
was home, we were living our normal life. It all felt so
real. I was pregnant, a little further along than I am now,
and I had just found out that he cheated on me, again...
(It's not secret what happened before)....
Yes, I woke up crying & I was tossing and turning.
But that fact that he just didn't care killed me, again.
And here I was pregnant with his baby.

The kicker though, I woke up probably 3 
different times and ALL 3 times I would go
right back to that dream, it just kept continuing
every time and it didn't get much better any time.
I finally woke up around 730am and stayed up 
because I couldn't deal with that again. But now
I have this horrible gut wrenching feeling that
maybe it was trying to tell me something.
How often do dreams just continue on like that?

The last thing I want to do is bring it up to hubs
though, because the whole topic is touch and go
because I tend to make it worse ( I think I have
every right though). But I still can't shake that
bad feeling and its only10:50am...


Delainey said...

In my Psych class we learned that during pregnancy women sometimes have very nasty/scary dreams. Maybe it is just your pregnancy hormones?

Ashley N. said...

I hope the feeling gets better dear <3