Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Thursday, again!

So that means, it is time to link up with Goodnight Moon for a good
ol' jam session. In honor of Halloween becoming so close and all
the trick or treats starting today in various parts of where I live,
I thought it would only be fitting to pick this song. I LOVED
this song as a kid, not exactly sure why, but I did.

With that being said, I am off to bake cupcakes for
my niece's Halloween party tomorrow. I am such an
awesome aunt! :)

Here is what I plan on them looking like

Hope they look this good!!


Ashley N. said...

SNAP! Such a good aunt!

Goodnight moon said...

Yes! We lovelovelove Halloween in our house! We have a Halloween cd of songs in the car, and the kids love this song.

Those cupcakes look devine! Hope they turned out great, I'm sure they did!!!!!

Thanks for coming over and linking up.

Jillian said...

Those cupcakes look like the perfect halloween treat! Post pictures? I love the monster mash as well. It's a must-listen every year!

Fort Living Room said...

I love this song! Perfect!