Monday, October 24, 2011

It's That Wonderful Time of the Year

So it's only the end of October, but who doesn't love
Christmas!! I know I do! With that being said, I am 
browsing my favorite website to create Christmas
cards for 2011, Shutterfly. They have SO many
options to choose from. We did a simple but
very cute Christmas card last year. This year 
I want to do something more creative, with
more photos and some sweet words.

It's really blurry, but that was our Christmas card
last year! This year I really like these..

I am still searching the website to find the perfect one
but I can guarentee I will be purchasing my cards
from here! 


Melissa said...

Oh how cute! I have been wanting to do Christmas cards like that this year :)

Delainey said...

Oh I really want to do Christmas cards this year but I haven't even sent out my Wedding Thank You cards. haha I don't know if Christmas cards will ever get sent in time.