Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Stuff

So I realize I haven't put any pictures of baby stuff on here,
only Facebook. So I thought I would share some of the
baby items that have been bought FOR us!!
We have gotten really lucky with all the help with
purchasing baby items. These items alone are 
close to a $1,000. This baby has nicer stuff than
hubs and I combined. 
Here are a few photos for viewing. I'll post an
ultrasound picture as soon as I make it "mine", 
so no crazy people try to steal my baby's photos.

What I REALLY want!! But the turn around time for
this girl making them is MONTHS! I understand a
couple of weeks, but not months. Anyone who knows
someone who makes these and can make me one,
I appreciate it!



Really want the first one, just ACU print!


Ashleigh said...

Super cute stuff! For the bags, you could try Amber @ XKMS Handbags (www.xkmshandbags.com), she really works with her customers to make sure they get what they want! I ordered a pillow from her and it has great quality! Or you can try Susie The Bag Lady (https://www.facebook.com/SusieTheBagLady) I have a friend who has a bag from her and she loves it!

Good Luck!

Delainey said...

Geez baby stuff is EXPENSIVEEEE. But all her stuff is cute nonetheless...