Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Ohio State University: Orientation Day!

So I went to my orientation at The Ohio State University yesterday, I start school January 3rd. I was so excited when I applied and even more excited when I actually found out I got in. Going to orientation yesterday though changed my whole perspective on going there. I actually don't want to anymore, but what choice do I have? No other schools down in this area have the degree I am going to school for, so I am kind of stuck. Here are the reasons why I'm not so excited anymore...

1. The campus is hugeeee! Going to Akron, I thought that was a decent size, but I knew where everything was, so it wasn't bad. We did a walking tour, in the freezing cold by the way, and it didn't help at all. Then after I met with my advisor, all I had to do was get my Buck ID. That was a mission all on its own. Instead of meeting back up in a place with everyone, they send you off on your own. So i walked and walked all over campus until some lady finally told me how to get to the union, and I remind you again - it was freezzingggg! Then after I got my Buck ID, I had no idea how to get back to my car. It was just a diasaster.
2. When I met with my advisor, I was expecting to take Anatomy 2 or something similiar and stuff relating to my degree. Nope! Apparently Ohio State requires you to take more stupid ass classes than neccessary. I have to take a History of Rock and Roll class, I mean seriously. My major is Radiology, WTF does the history of Rock and Roll have to do with anything?? And at Akron, I was done with math. In fact, I was done with everything except Anatomy 2 before I could apply to the program. Coming to OSU was kind of a smack in the face, and my advisor was so unhelpful, it was rediculous.
3. I am probably going to be in school way longer than I expected now, which I am not happy about. I am seriously to the point where I want to just say fuck this and quit. But I can't, and I am trying to get done with school as fast as possible. I promised myself my dad would see me graduate college, and I am trying to keep that promise, as hard as it is.
4. Everyone I know is so excited for me that I got into Ohio State, I feel like I can't let them down now. How do I live up to standards when I am so unhappy with my decision to go there. And lastly, my boyfriend has been my #1 cheerleader since the beginning of our relationship and he still is. Everytime I get discouraged he has picks me up. I don't want to let him down, not only him though, I don't want to let everyone else down, but mostly I don't want to let myself down. I know I can do this, but how do you keep doing something when your so unhappy with the decision?

I know it was just orientation and I am hoping things get better in the first couple of weeks when school actually starts. But we'll seee!!


On a better note, when I came home from orientation yesterday there was a sticker on the door from UPS saying they delivered a package to us and it was in the office. Well I know I didn't order anything so I just assumed Josh bought something offline. So I texted him and told him he got a package and I told him where it was from. He immediately called me like, "Did you open it??" "Well don't" I would of never guessed it was anything for me if he wouldnt of acted like that. So I had to wait until he got home before he would let me open it, because I had to give him his Christmas present early because he almost bought what I got him, so he let me have part of mine early. So sure enough he cuts it open and its my ownnn Carhartt Jacket! I was so excited, I'm still excited. And its a womans Carhartt so its not hugee on me, which I didn't even know they made womans Carhartt's. But they dooo, and I am the proud new owner of oneee :) :)

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