Monday, December 13, 2010

Will Things Ever be the Same??

Wow! So it has been a long time since I have actually blogged. So much has happened since October to now. I picked up my life and moved to Columbus to be with the man I love more than anything. It has been great so far, my only wish, that I could of brought my friends and job with me. As much I hated and complained about my job, I miss the people I work with. We were together so much, they became like family to me. I ususally saw them more than I saw my own family. I don't neccesarily miss the job, just my "family" there. And my best friends, thats a whole different story. I moved down here and I don't know a single person. Everyone of my friends is back in Akron, and I have already missed my best friends birthday. It sucks. Granted I am only 2 hours away from everyone, it is still not as easy to just come home. Coming home means the gas to go back to Akron, a place to stay while I am there, and time to see everyone so no one gets mad. It's almost like a competition, if I don't see one person but I see another, they get mad. It's frustrating...

And my best friend is mad at me, she might not admit it, but I know she is, because I would be mad too. Me moving was for the better, but it still isn't the same. We have already grown apart. We don't talk much anymore, even before I left we didn't talk much. Her resentment was buidling before I even left. I can't really say anything because I am the one who chose to leave. But I do miss her and I hope things change soon. I know we might not stay best friends like we were, but she is the only person who knows me in and out, she knows when I am angry, even when I lie and say I am fine, she knows I am lying. Friendships like that are hard to find, and I hope we can get past this "bump" in our friendship and move forward.

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Whitney said...

i'm been wondering where you've been!