Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All Aloneee on a Wednesday Night

So my boyfriend is hanging out down in West Virginia tonight for work, which equals complete boredom for Lauren. You think I would be used to him not being here already between all the crazy hours he works and drill one weekend a month, but no. lol, somebody has to make the money, cuz it clearly isn't me right now.

On that note though, I finally went to training today for work. After all the waiting and other stupid stuff I have had to do, I am finally doing my training. Today was boring though, just got to sit on my butt for 5 hours and pretty much do nothing. My training lady, Dee, she is pretty awesome! So I am actually excited to go to work tomorrow.

I recently joined the FRG at my boyfriends company Christmas party. I am actually a little too excited about it, just because I will finally be able to meet some people & make friends down here. Granted its an hour and half from our house, its still okay. Plus i'll be able to make friends with everyone if he ends up deploying, which he is still trying so hard to do.

I also just discovered that the community college down here, Columbus State Community College, has a radiography program at it. I am already enrolled at OSU for Winter quarter coming up, but I am still so undecided about it there. And I really don't know who to talk to about it. If I talk to my family or friends, they are all going to be biased because they want the football tickets at Ohio State. And school starts January 3rd....I really feel stuckk & don't know what to do still.


Indian Sarees said...

Realy good post.. thanks for sharing..

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie! I know what you mean about a "Huge" campus being intimidating. So you have to go Winter Quarter? Remember, you do what is best for you (& the bf). Get his thoughts on transferring to the Community College. It is going to work out perfect, soon!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you for following my blog!

melosaur said...

who cares what they say. If you want to enroll at CSCC in their radiography program, I say DO IT. It's your education and your degree!