Saturday, April 16, 2011


A: Are you a PC or a Mac:


B: Best current show on TV:

The only show I get to watch faithfully is Army Wives. Deadliest Catch is my newest addiction tho.

C: Chore you hate:

Putting laundry away...

D: Dogs or cats:

Dogs. I'm not a cat person.

E: Essential start of the day item:

Brushing my teeth.

F: Favorite color:

Pink & Black

G: Gold or Silver:

Gold or White Gold

H: Height:

5' 6"

I: Instruments you play?

None. I am musically challenged, haha!

J: Job:

Pharmacy Tech at Giant Eagle

K: Kids:


L: Living Arrangements:

Up in the air...

M: Moms name:


N: Nickname:

Lo. Princesss <3

O: Overnight hospital stay:


P: Pet Peeve:

Obnoxious sounds. Chomping gum in my face. Invading my personal space. The word "dude".

Q: Quote from a movie:

Don't be afaid to fall in love. It's the only thing that matters in life.

R: Righty or lefty:


S: Siblings:

2 older sisters, I'm the babyyy!

T: Tv shows:

Deadliest Catch & Army Wives

U: Underwear:

My favorites are Victorias Secret

V: Veggie you dislike:

Asparagus. Brussel Sprouts.

W: Ways/reasons you are late:

I'm always late, its rediculous sometimes.

X: Expiration dates - do you keep or toss?

I usually throw it out if I know its expired

Y: Yummy food you make:

I loveeee to cook! I always like to try new things, only if it sounds good though, lol.

Z: Zoo animals you like:

Giraffes and Lions!

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