Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I finally did it and joined the Scentsy team. I am a little excited.
Although nervous because I really have no idea what I am 
doing yet, lol. But I got some for Christmas & I absolutely
LOVE them and I didn't know anyone who sold them, 
so I figured I would give it a try because I would be 
off work soon anyways, so what better way to try
and supplement our income!!

So please, go check out my WEBSITE and browse
around. I can ship your product to anywhere, so
whether you are near or far from me, you can
still order!


Melissa said...

I've been considering buying to Scentsy stuff for awhile...their warmers are so cute! Not sure about the scents though, because I like to smell scents before I buy...any recommendations?

Lauren said...

Oh, I will send you a message!!