Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year, New Hair??

So I have been wanting to cut my hair for a while now,
only problem is, its pretty long and has been for a while
so I am really really nervous about it.

But with a new baby coming soon, I already don't
enjoy doing it, so I'm sure that will only get worse.
So I have been wanting to cut it...

I don't know if I have it in me though, lol.
I know, I know. I'm difficult.

Hubs loves my long hair and told me if I wanted
to cut it, to do with while he was away, so it
would grow back by the time he came home, 
for good. 

Bless his heart.

I'm waiting to see what he has to say about the cut
I am looking at doing.
But I will leave you with the picture.

And mind you, my hair will go back to blonde
after the baby comes more than likely.


Baby Shower & Dark Hair

What I am thinking about doing

What do you think??


Anonymous said...

I like it :) I think it will look good on you.

Melissa said...

I think that cut would look really cute on you!