Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just A Thank You

So I know it has been a while, I have been busy with life lately. But I felt the need to share how my night went tonight. I went out with my best friend Jenner and our friend Sunny. We ended up meeting up with some mutual friends, then some more mutual friends we went to school with, including my favorite married couple, Kristyne and Mark, showed up to Johnny Malloys. We had some food, some beers, and 2 - I repeat 2 fish bowls later, we finally left. But right before I was planning on closing my tab at the bar I ran into my old art teacher from high school, Mr. P!! I had to ask him if it was still, "Pimp master P x3" haha. It's a nickname we gave him when I was a senior in high school. I was the daughter and he was the dad, it was a joke we had because he graduated the same year and same school that my dad did. Needless to say it was an easy class to pass, even though it was crafts. lol.

After all that happened, I tried to help Sunny play matchmaker with Jenner. Didn't work out as planned, but I have faith it'll work out. We left the bar we were at, and ended up going to meet up with Jenner's friend Katie at some random ass bar I never knew existed right behind the place we get wings with the gang. We were there probably a half hour before we left. Well Katies friend's brother was at the bar with us. I found out he was home for a week leave from California. He was in between his training and his deployment to Afghanistan. While we were getting ready to leave, I told Katie to get her friend because I felt compelled to say something. Everyone who knew me, including my best friend either thought I was trying to hit on him or to just get a free drink. When I got his attention, all I said was, "Thank you for serving and good luck." Her sister was like, "Aww, that was nice of you."

I guess Josh has wore off on me a little more than I thought. That is something he is famous for doing, walking up to veterans and telling them thank you. I never thought it would be me in that situation doing the exact same thing, without him even being here. I guess I just felt compelled to say something. After being with my boyfriend for as long as I have, I have discovered a new found meaning to military men and woman serving. They are amazing, no matter what branch of service they are in. So right there in that bar tonight, I felt the need to smile and say thank you to him. I never met the man in my life, nor will I ever see him again, I feel like he will remember at least me saying thank you to him, even if I am the only one. I just want the men and woman to know their duty to America does not go unnoticed.

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