Friday, January 28, 2011

In My Mother's Eyes

So, I come home from work tonight to a dark and messy house. Boyfriend is already upstairs passed out, but my house was a wreck. His clothes were thrown on the floor, along with his jacket. The coffee table was covered in beer bottles and a pizza and the trash were left on the stove, along with dishes in the sink. As I started to clean up, I realized I am slowly starting to lead the life my mother leads, not that it's bad, but she comes home every night (when she works nights) and cleans up after my father. Part of me couldn't help but laugh because I never once thought that would be me, but here I am, cleaning up after my love on late nights just like my mother.

On a lighter note, I haven't carried a purse in about two months and I don't really know why. But I really need to fill mine back up with all my junk because I don't like not having my little "luggage bag" of all my stuff whenever I need it. So that is my goal for tomorrow, to dig them out of hiding and fill her up! But I am off to bed, which also makes me laugh because I lead such an exciting life nowadays. I went from going out with my "gang" a couple nights a week, to cleaning up after people & going to bed at 10:30 on a Friday night. Oh the lifeee! I know your all jealous! HAHA!

Night guys!! :)

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