Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Laundry of Champions

So I ever so kindly asked the boyfriend to get the clothes out of the dryer and put the clothes that were in the washer into the dryer. I also clearly said to fold them if he wasn't going to put them away. I don't ask him to do this often so I thought he might actually do it. Well I came home from work Monday night and the dryer was running. My first thought was, "Oh, he actually did it". As I was in the kitchen doing something, we had mentioned that I not open the door to the washer and dryer until he went to work the next morning. At that point I knew something was up, so of course I immediately go and open the doors to the washer and dryer. This is what I saw,

Of course! He took the clothes out of the dryer, but failed to fold them for me. I honestly expected him to do this, so all I could do was laugh. And of course, all he does is smile at me. This is my life...lol


melosaur said...

haha at least he did his own laundry! Eddie had nothing but clothes that needed to be washed...such perfect timing lol. I don't think he expected me to do everything, but I decided to be good and do it all anyway :) Besides, what else am I going to do here while he's in class haha

Megan said...

I'm new to your blog! This is too funny! Such a man! My hubby washes his own clothes, but he always leaves them in the dryer or right on top!

Lauren said...

Oh he definitly didn't do anything except pull the clothes out of the dryer & put what was in the washer into the dryer. And that was only because I asked him too..