Monday, January 17, 2011

Update to the Deployment News!

Deployment: Still no word on if he is actually going yet. But we kind of discussed what would happen if he does. I would stay here in Columbus while he is off fighting those bad guys in Afghanistan. Just me and my pups! Which, I'm not gonna lie, it's gonna be crappy. Being so close but so far from my family and friends back home. But its not worth packing everything back up and moving back home & switching schools and what not again. Its just too much of a pain to have to do it all over again. But Josh read my blog, which he has book marked on his phone - he's a little creeper, haha! And he goes, "Why wouldn't I keep paying rent every month, this is our home. It will just be a really expensive storage space every month". I couldn't help but laugh at him. I guess thats one less thing I have to worry about.

School: I hateeee it! Especially this stupid math class I have to take, again. It really is just basic algebra, but I took that stuff like 2 years ago. I really don't remember any of it, mainly because I hate math and hardly ever use it. But I literally did math homework ALL day today! And the sad part is, it was only like 20 questions. I actually broke down and took pictures of the problems I got stuck on and texted Josh's stepdad because he is a math genius! I told him he had to come down to our house once a week so I could get math lessons from him, lol. And I still don't know how to do the problems but I have the right answers. Its just a lose lose with math. 8 more weeks to go, I'm just praying I get a passing grade at this point.

Lifeee: I apparently got a crack in my windshield driving back to Columbus last weekend somehow. Well it started off small & fixable. But because I had to drive to school and work for almost a week before I could even call my insurance about it, it became hugee!! What started out as a little crack turned into a crack going across my entire windshield!! I don't know how it even happened, even Josh said it wasn't normal! But I got that fixed today. Had to get an entire new windshield and now I can't drive my car for 24 hours. I tried to get out of going to class tomorrow because I had a valid reason, but it didn't work. I have to wake up wayyy early and drive Josh to work and take his car for the day & then go pick him back up from work. Isn't horrible though because I like the people at his job, so I like to visit!! :)

Hopefully I have an interview tomorrow too! The lady called me back today and my phone didn't tell me I had a missed call or even a voicemail until 830pm & she called me at like 1030am. But I am going to call her first thing in the morning and hopefully everything works out. Its at Nationwide Childrens Hospital, only working the gift shop. But I think it would be great, because I don't want to work too much because of school but if I am already in the hospital system it will be much easier to get a job in my career if I ever finish school or even to transfer to another department eventually. But I don't know, I need all the good lucks I can get for this one! I hope it is making more money too. Being a pharmacy technician isn't a bad job at all, but we do wayyy more work then what I actually get paid for. I'm not complaining though because it is a job, I would just like to be making more along the lines of what I was making back home, because right now I am just barely making it by every month with my bills, no extras! And I am dying herrreee! This is the longest I have ever went without tanning or getting my nails done. It's just not like me to not do both, I am seriously going through withdraws (don't laugh)!!!

Well, I got an early morning, so goodnight everyoneee!!!

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melosaur said...

hopefully you'll find out soon about the deployment. There's nothing worse than being in limbo about everything and unfortunately with the Army that always seems to be the case lol. I'm glad you decided on what to do tho :)

And good luck on your interview! I'm sure you'll do great :)