Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Rants

So I have been officially moved to Columbus for about a month now. I absolutely love it! Well my townhouse and the fact that I get to go to sleep with my love & wake up with my love everyday, well most days lol. And my boyfriend being so amazing, surprised me one day and drove all the way to Akron & back to pick up my dog & be home before I got home from work. So I have my puppy with me, who isn't really a puppy because he is almost 6, but still.

Even though Josh and I live together now, we barely see each other. I go to school in the mornings Monday-Friday which means I have to work nights & weekends, which I hate even more. And he works from like 7am to usually 5pm, sometimes longer, Monday-Friday. And plus there are weekends when he has drill and/or is out of town for work. So when I work at night, its usually 930 when I get home from work and then its bed time because we both get up about 530am, usually. And I always have the weekends off when he won't be home and work the weekends he will be home. Typical huh? So needless to say we don't see each other often & it sucks. I want to say I miss him but we live in the same house, lol. So I guess I can say I miss all the time we used to have with each other. He really is my best friend!

 I still don't really know anyone down here. I obviously talk to the people I work with, but I doubt it will ever be to the point where it is friends outside of work. There just, different. Haha, that was mean. And school is school. It's huge and overwhelming, I don't know if I like it still. It has only been 2 weeks, well 2 weeks tomorrow anways. Only 8 more to go this quarter. I seriously just want to be done. I am losing patience with it all. Whyy must they make getting a degree so hard & costly? On a better note though, I had to take one of those self assessment tests to see what my interest are, as far as a career goes and what I am actually going to school for was number 3 on my list. So I guess thats a good sign....

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Bursting at the Seam said...

Girl ~ I feel you on so much of your post. My boyfriend & I live in the same town & even though it is a small town, I feel like I never see him. Although "never" isn't really truthful. I just don't see him as often as I like, but with good reason; we both work (he owns 2 businesses), we both have kids & I am going to school. I shouldn't complain, but it just seems so tough because they are so close & you just can't see or spend the time with them that you want to.
As far as friends... I grew up in this town & am learning the hard way that you have to be careful with who you call "friend". Isn't there some type of Army support group for girlfriends/finacees/wives? Those groups are really great & you can meet some amazing women that are going throuhg similar situtions as you.
I hope you have a Great day & weekend.

xoxo ~ Jodie