Monday, June 27, 2011

Military Monday

So, Happy Military Monday!
Today, I am extra thankful because my man comes home in 4 days, yes count them
4 days! I am excited to see him, finally. Its been a really long month. We have a
lot to discuss and work through, but were both really happy. And besides, I have
to enjoy all the time I have with him before that dreaded D word appears in our

On to my day today, I went to work for a hour and a half. Yes, you heard that
correctly. Biggest waste of my time, ever. I spend more money in gas driving
there and driving home then I actually make. Serving is not a hard job, but
the place I am at just isn't busy. Don't get me wrong, the food is wonderful,
just bad location. So needless to say, I am job hunting with full force again.
I never stopped, just wasn't so pro-active because well, I had a "job".
Well things are changing, so say a prayer for me, that I get this job that has
great potential, and its looking good in my favor because I REALLY
need it! Until next time...

Oh & PS, hiii to all my new followers. Be sure to leave comments,
so I can follow back & get to know you :)

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Melissa said...

hooray for Josh coming home in 4 days! :D And p.s. I love the new layout ;)