Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SO Annoying!

So for whatever reason Blogger won't let me sign into my "name" to comment on other peoples blogs. But yet I can sign in and update mine and read all of yours. All it does is keeps redirecting me to login to post my comments, every single time. It never tells me my information is wrong, just doesn't sign me in. So I have been patiently trying to comment on all your blogs, it just won't let me. If anyone knows how to fix this issue, please let me know!


Stephanie Solis said...

Hi I hope you were able to fix the problem with the comments but I don't know what it is sorry :(

But I left you a sunshine award on my page :)


anangelita55 said...

that was happening to me earlier... but i just signed in now and it apparently got fixed! much love
i just started following ur blog
i'm a military gf starting my own blog:
hope u can follow and share the love

Anonymous said...

I had this problem a while ago, when you sign in uncheck the box that says stay signed in. It should fix the problem :)