Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Year Later?

So today I was talking to boyfriend about what our living arrangments were gonna be when he comes home next year from his upcoming deployment. I know, I know, its still a while away but its still something that needs to be talked about. Anyways, he thinks we should get a place in our hometown and live here. I think we should stay in Columbus. Heres the pros and cons to staying "home":

Both of our families are here
Our friends are here
Just the comfort of "home"

His job that he LOVES is in Columbus
I don't want to live here anymore
The weather is crappy ALL the time

I'm sure I got some more to add later. But to be honest, I am perfectly okay with living away from my familiy. We are not far enough away to where they can't visit, but were far enough to have our own life. In fact, I can't stand to be around my family all the time. I can only handle them in small doses. I get annoyed and frustrated quickly with what can be petty things sometimes, I try not too, but I just can't help it. Which is why only visiting would be perfect!

Reason #2, he loves his job. He won't come out and say this right now, but he does. And now he is persistant on finding a job in our hometown. Im not saying he won't find something, but I don't think he will find anything that will compare to his job now and how much he enjoys it. And make the same about he is making now.

I guess I don't really have many good things to say about this place, because I am ready to be out of here. If I had it my way we would leave the state of Ohio. I know its still a year away, but with him leaving soon and being gone for so long, some of these things just need to be brought up. And besides, my actual friends would come visit us. And I know his would too!

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Katie said...

Come back to columbus! I feel so lonely here LOL