Monday, June 13, 2011

New News!

So I have been MIA on here for a while. With good reason though. I am currently in Oklahoma visiting my bestest friend in the entire world. She lives in Lawton aka Fort Sill. It is so pretty and hot here. The bugs are out of control here though. Don't worry I'll post pictures at the end. But they are life size, its crazy. First we had a lizard in the house, which we were terrified of and took us 20 minutes to catch. Then the next day we had a scorpion in the house, which was even scarier. Now you always see things in three's, so I am just waiting to see what other crazy creature I see before I leave. The tarantula's are lifesize down here too, its scary. I may pee my pants if I see one of those in real life, and apparently its tarantula season right now.

The scenery down here is amazing. It's like a whole different world down here with the desert and all the mountains. It is amazing, I dont think I ever want to leave. And its supposed to be a cool 104 degrees today. Can't wait to get my tan on :)

My God-Baby & I with our cowboy boots
Altus Airforce Base Swimming pool

The drive from Lawton to Altus

Wichita Mountains! They were right outside our car!

Buffalo were everywhereee. It was awesome!

Wichita Mountains

Prairie Dogs are so cute!

So on other newsss. Josh and I are back together. We are trying to make things work and make things right. Its gonna be a whole lot of work and effort but I think we can make it right. So I'm excited to see what happens and where the future goes!


Stephanie Solis said...

congratulations! :) i hope all goes right for you guys :) just keep a positive mind. & i love the pictures looks like a lot of fun

Delainey said...

How fun! I was wondering what your twitter feed was all about! And best of luck in your relationship. Sometimes things just need to be worked out! <3

Kendall said...

I used to live in Lawton.. the mountains are beautiful! did you go to holy city? it is AMAZING!! looks like your having a fun trip:)

Melissa said...

I saw on FB and was wondering haha :) Glad you two are back together! and glad you're having fun in Oklahoma :)

Lauren said...

Thanks everyone! I hope everything works out for the best. And Kendall, we did go to Holy City. It was amazing! Such an experience!