Friday, February 12, 2010

12 more days

Holy bajezies ;) - its already the 12th of February. this is by far my favoritest month everrr. Its not only Valentines Day, but its my birthday too - only 12 more days and i'll be half way to 46. I'm looking forward to both days again. Although i can admit, im slacking on the present buying thing this year, well not really, but i have to re-buy because the first present got sold. holidays are cute and all and i love getting presents, what girl doesnt, but its not something i expect. i would much rather stay at home (or in my case, joshs) and just make dinner and watch movies. dont get me wrong now, im all for romancing - i just dont expect it. its about being with the person you love, not who can buy who the best present. but like i said before, presents are great. lol...

update: boyfriend and i are back together :) he is a jerk and a meany but i loveee him and he loves me. am i still mad at what he did to begin with, yes, but i am not going to let that stop me from living my life. he makes me happy, so why not cherish that. life's too short to be anything but happy right?

i finally got to see my other half tonight. she re-dyed my hair, apparently i was two-toned in the back. it was good just to see her and catch up. i miss her too much. but i was washing my hair out for the second time when i got home and realized all of my belongings are at Josh's house, including my blow dryer. needless to say my hair is going to look insane in the morning.

the snow finally stopped, for now. and my street got plowed tonight, that made me happy. ohhh and im getting better with my driving skills in the new whipski, i definitly got myself unstuck this morning all by myself. made me happy. so did the morning sex i had. bahahahaha ;)


jenner lyn loren said...

someones been really busy in the blogging department! but i likey this one, cuz you mention me :) i miss you too. love you<3

jenner lyn loren said...

oh and you say "bajeezies" bahahhaha