Sunday, February 21, 2010

5 day weekends are amazing

so i had off from work thursday through monday (tomorrow) and can i tell you just how amazing it was. i spent my entire day thursday looking for shoes to wear with my dress for friday. i went everywhere possible. finally found a pair, on sale at that too, at a little store in the hood called tomorrows. and go figure it was the last place i stopped too. but here's the shoes..

they were great, all except the top part kept getting stuck on my dress but i managed. i was soo nervous to go. i didnt like my dress anymore, i had to partake in the events with the boyfriend, i was just all sorts of frustrated. but i went and i had a blast. Josh is Battalion Commander so we got to sit at the head table in front of everyoneee. and we had to walk in seperate from everyone else. all i kept thinking to myself was, "dont fall on your face, lauren." ha Josh probably would of never spoken to me again. but here's the final outcome of myself. Jenner did my hair, well she did the hard part of curling it all. sooo thanks muchhh besst frannn!!
Since we were sitting at the head table, i figured it would be rude to whip my camera out and take pictures, so i didnt. just as the main part of it was over and the dancing and stuff was starting, Josh decided he was ready to go and didnt inform me until we were walking out of the hotel. so since we didnt get to take not one photo together there, i made him take some with me when we got home with my stupid timer on my camera. this was the outcome. haha
Saturday night, Josh and I went to the PBR-Professional Bull Riding Competition (, up in Cleveland at the Q. There were animal rights activists lined up outside holding their signs and what not, didnt quite understand that, but whateverrr. We ended up walking back and forth a couple times before we actually found our seats because the stupid people kept sending us to the wrong entrances. Once we got to our seats everything was good. I had a blast. Never been to one before and I will definitly go back. Boyfriend enjoyed it and he fit in sooo well. haha. A couple of the cowboys got beat up by the bulls, but thats expected. James Otto put on a concert afterwards. It was good. We stayed for half of it, then we left.
Boyyfriend & I
It was definitly one of the best weekends I have had in a while, all thanks to my wonderfullly amazing boyfriend. I finally went to my place of residence today after like 9 days of being at his house. I dont like it, ha. I'd much rather be in his bed right now, and i got nothing accomplished since i came home, and still havent did anything. but im going to bed now. Nighty night everyone

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